Our job at Alpha CC is to keep your ATMs clean and reliable for your bank, and its valued customers.

Today’s ATM’s are not just cash dispensers but are also used as an effective advertising tool, informing customers of the banking services available at your branches, and generating income from additional advertising

This is where Alpha CC take control, ensuring your ATM’s are cleaned and tested regularly and any faults are reported quickly allowing your maintenance provider to complete the necessary repairs before customer complaints are received.

Alpha CC is a specialist company providing a quality cleaning solution to your individual needs and delivering this to the highest standard.

  • Thorough external ATM cleaning.
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning visits.
  • On-the-spot damage reports.
  • Installation / maintenance of logo and facia panels.
  • Testing for skimming for devices and anti-fraud.
  • Additional exterior equipment cleaning (receipt bins, etc)
  • Full reports and detailed feedback for each site.

Throughout Ireland wherever you have an ATM, we have our fully trained technicians available to give it the attention it deserves.

ATM’s do not get better with time, they deteriorate, sometimes they go downhill slowly, showing the natural effects of age, wear and tear, but sometimes abuse or damage render them.

Graffiti Removal

We are committed to keeping all ATM surfaces Graffiti Free. We respond to calls within 24 hours or less with our expertly trained technicians. Graffiti causes depreciation or property values. Graffiti invites more Graffiti. Removing Graffiti promptly will discourage vandals from doing it again.