Corporate Social Responsibility

At Alpha CC we recognise the role that we can play in creating a better world for our employees, customers, and future generations.

We view our corporate social responsibility aims under two headings:

01. Compliance

02. Proactiveness

We are part of a bigger community and have a social responsibility to contribute to the world positively. As such we aim to be a responsible business that sets the highest ethical, professional and environmental standards.


  • Legal – Alpha CC respects and follows the law. We ensure that our business operations and partnerships are legitimate, open, and transparent.
  • Business Ethics – We conduct our business with integrity, fairness and respect for our clients. We are honest, transparent, and responsive.
  • Protecting the environment – We recognise the need to protect the natural environment for future generations. We follow best practices when disposing of waste and using chemical cleaning products.
  • Protecting people – We protect the health and safety of our employees and customers in our business operations. Our workplace supports diversity and inclusion and does not discriminate against people based on gender, age, sexuality, race, religion or political beliefs.


  • We are active in our local communities as volunteers and mentors. We support our employees to contribute by volunteering their time in organisations with values they believe in.
  • We recycle, conserve energy and use environmentally friendly technology. We encourage our employees and customers to do the same, in the workplace, and at home, by informing them of the latest developments in software and IT settings that can support the environment in this way.
  • We support sustainable employment by offering our employees training and development opportunities.


We are always ready to listen to suggestions of how we can support our community, our people, and our environment. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas that can help us to achieve these aims.

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